The Crush

Destined to be Neighbors

And there is a most wonderful story about a couple that had been working in the same professional field but didn’t know it and then purchased their individual homes right next door to each other but didn’t know it and then while working in their backyards met each other and got to know each other which led to this and that and that and THAT and then tying the knot (they know it now!).

…Packed up my tent…and we walked off together..and have been together ever since.

Wade and I met hiking the Appalachian Trail. He was hiking the entire trail for his second time, and I was hiking it for the first time with my two dogs. We met walking in the woods just outside Hot Springs. He was getting water from a stream and my dogs ran up to him. Narf helped himself to Wade’s bag on trail snacks and muddied up the stream. Benorf and I both fell in love with him right then. I because he didn’t get upset by Narf’s serious lack of trail etiquette, and Benorf because Wade was tall and had long legs that she could walk between and allow him to scratch her back. We all camped on top of Max Patch Mountain that night and talked under the stars even though it was extremely cold. I was afraid to let the night end so rather than interrupting the flow of conversation to go get my sleeping bag I pulled Narf up on top of me for warmth. The next morning it was raining and Wade was packed and ready to go, but instead of leaving he waited in the rain while I packed up my tent and all my gear and we walked off together and have been together ever since.


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